Ali's Story

This is Ali talking about my adventures

  • Ali is stylish

  • Ali likes adventures

  • Ali is like a princess

  • One day she was out planting the garden.  Then she saw something sweeping away.  Suddenly it was a bird and it landed on the grass.  I met a new friend. 

  • One day I was at the park doing my business. Suddenly I saw a car that looked like Leslie's car and they came for my birthday party. A lot of people came, and things were not the same. But it was the best party ever.

  • One day I was at home talking with Grandpa.  He told me about all the Gods.  It was the nicest day for him to tell me about the gods. The natives used to sacrifice young girls to the gods to keep them happy.

  • One day I was at home and it was Christmas.  I opened a couple presents, but first before I can open the other presents under the tree that were mine, I had to wait for everyone to arrive. First I opened a couple presents and I got two pairs of math cards.  And 3 books of My Little Pony. Plus I got my very own Rarity Doll.  And I got a beautiful coloring book from Ponyville and Canterlot.

  • One day I saw something moving very fast in the sky making a rainbow.  And it landed.  It was "Rainbow Dash".

  • One day I went to the Watts Towers. They were so beautiful.  They were made out of junk steel and covered with many items including sea shells.  There was a festival that day and we ate, listened to drummers and went home. 

  • Once upon a time, there was a beautiful girl named Ali.  She was stylish.  She also had an Ipod and an Ipad. She was good with them. They are so nice but also mean.  They have a memory of their own.  It swung around and bit me on the tooth. 

  • One day it was a beautiful sunny day and I were at school and I went to see My Husky buddies.  We played games and ate food and it started to rain.  We went back to the class room.  My Husky buddy asked my teacher if we can come with her and she said yes.

  • The 100 Day School.  One day it was the 100th day of school and we ate a donut of 100 bites.  It began to rain and there was thunder.  But is was still the best 100th day of school.


Ali in Halloween Costume

 Watts Towers

Rainbow Dash















  Wilson High Reunion 
  Marine Pressure Cooker,,, NeriumAD