My Favorite Oxymoron's

OXYMORON: a combination of contradictory or incongruous words.

These are Oxymoron's I have heard recently 



Act Naturally What is natural?
Adult Adolescence Adults acting like kids.
Almost Exactly You're getting close
Arrive early for your
Doctors Appointment
Have you ever not waited
for your Doctor?
Bitter Sweet Which is it, bitter or sweet?
Predictable Black Swan Clearly Ambiguous
Classic New A new antique.
Clearly Ambiguous It is clear we don't understand
Constant Variable My wife on the phone
Cruel Kindness How can kindness be cruel?
Deafening Silence So quiet, you think you're deaf.
Double Solitaire Real men play poker
Exact Estimate Send a check for the amount.
Half Full An Exact Estimate of a cup of coffee
Half Naked I hope it's a girl.
Honest Mechanic Every one knows one
Legally Dead Members of the BAR
Hells Angels Dante's girls
Jumbo Shrimp Big little Shrimp
Microsoft Works Does yours?
Military Intelligence What is intelligent about war?
Non-conformists Unite! Group of people going different directions.
Paid Volunteer A smart person
Pretty Ugly Something like coyote ugly
Resident Alien A Martian living in Mexico
Rich Trucker If he was rich, he would not be a trucker.
Safe Sex Unless you're Bill Clinton
Searching aimlessly Would you recognize it if your found it?
Senate Ethics Committee Clearly Ambiguous
Ship-Trap Island I don't get it either
Standard Deviation Probably an Exact Estimate.
Successful Suicide Sounds like a failure to me
Suicide Victim How is this a victim?
Sweet Tooth What does your tooth taste like?
Tame Cat Same as a welfare cat -- wants food.
Tough Love Love is usually tender, not tough
Vaguely Aware A virtual reality
Voluntary Deportation Sounds like a vacation.


Who Ordered the Jumbo Shrimp?
And Other Oxymorons

by Jon Agee (Illustrator)

Reading level: Ages 9-12
Hardcover - 80 pages (October 1998)

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