Platycerium DNA Findings


Finley we have some results from DNA testing.  The above ladder is from the American Journal of Botany, in 2006.  The much needed work was done by Hans-Peter Kreier and Harald Schneider and published in 2006.  The groupings divide the genus into well-supported clades or biogeographical regions.  For this discussion we will call them Biogeolographical Regions 1, 2 & 3.
Biogeographical Region 1 Indochina throughout Malaysian, New Guinea and Australia
Biogeographical Region 2 Australia
Biogeographical Region 3 Africa, Madagascar and South America
The table below is intended to show the biogeolographical relationships and common traits relative to region.
Region Species Notes



Grande, Holttumii, Superbum Wandae, Wallichii,
Spore forms on lobes
Coronarium, Ridleyii Spore forms on pods


The Bifurcatum complex: Bifurcatum, Hillii, Veitchii, Willinckii Spore forms on tips


Ellisii, Quadridichotomum, Madagascariense, Alcicorne, Andinum,
Stemaria stemaria, Stamaria laurentii, Elephantotis
Spore forms between first and second frond division.

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