Dawboy Hybrid

The Platycerium Dawboy is a new hybrid out of Thailand.  It is a mix of P. madagascariense and P. alcicorne.  The shield fronds defiantly show the P. madagascariense waffling.  The fertile fronds are more P. alcicorne and stand longer and more erect.  The plant is small like P. madagascariense.

The P. alcicorne is native to Madagascar and East Africa.  The fertile fronds of the P. alcicorne from Madagascar is characteristically; wide, and dark green.  Whereas the P. alcicorne from East Africa is yellow green, waxy, hairless and narrow compared to the Madagascar variety.  The P. dawboy is characterized by having the dark green, wide fertile fronds with spore patched on the tips.

The photo above is from Tom Gauci's collection and the spore patch covers the full width of the frond from above the lobe to about 1 inch from the tip.  Other P. dawboy photos show the spore patch mostly above the lobe and stopping just beyond the lobe.

The P. Dawboy is a hybrid from Thailand suggesting the need to grow in a high humidity.  However Tom Gauci is growing it outside in Southern California, about 5 miles from the beach. The average humidity is probably about 30%.  I just received two new P. Dawboys from Thailand.  I plan to grow one in my green house and the second outside.  I also live about 4 miles from the beach in Southern California.

The P. dawboy left and right are from Siam Exotica Plants in Thailand.


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