Platycerium Mt. Kitshakood






Photo; Herb Halling


A relatively new platycerium species is the hybrid P. Mt Kitshakood which is a cross of P. Ridleyii and P. coronarium.   I obtained this hybrid from Thailand in late 2016 and it has done very well in my greenhouse in Southern California.



The photo on the right of a Mt Kitshakood was borrowed from "Platycerium Ferns"  You can see the P. ridleyii trait in the shield frond.  The fertile fronds hanging down are more a P. coronarium trait.  P. ridleyii fertilr fronds stand erect like a bouquet of flowers.

P. ridleyii have pods with spore patches and I don't see any pods or spore patches on the fronds like P. coronarium would have.

P. coronarium tend to grow volunteers horizontally from the bud and I don't see any volunteers yet on any P. Mt Kitshakoods.



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