Welcome to my YouTube video library.  I have been publishing videos since the summer of 2017 and my channel is called "Herb Halling"  There are videos of my travels in China, Oxygen Party Bar Confessions, and what you should find interesting is videos on Platyceriums.

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18 Species of Platyceriums or Staghorn Ferns

Hobbysit's Guide to understanding Platycerium species and hybrids

What is the Bifurcatum Complex?

The bifurcatum complex are 4 different species of Platyceriums that may have the same parentage but vary enough to be different

Giant Staghorn Ferns - Platyceriums

A presentation on Giant Staghorn Ferns or Platyceriums.  Including P. Grande, P. Superbum, P. Wandae and P. holttumii

Nong Nooch Botanical Garden in Pattaya, Thailand

One of the most interesting botanical gardens in Asia

All about the Platycerium Willinckii 'Scofield"

Discussion on platycerium willinckii. With an emphasis on Platycerium willinckii "Scofield"

Staghorn Fern Redwood Mounting Boards

Step by stem video on how to make a redwood or cedar mounting board for staghorn Ferns for about $3

Male and Female Fronds on Staghorn Ferns

A fresh view on how staghorns produce spore from fertile fronds,  then the development of prothalia, and the male and female organs of the prothalia that propagate new staghorn ferns.

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