Why I need a Smart Phone

In the past 200 years of history, there are only a couple technology innovations that are significant.  Namely,  Rail Roads, Automobiles, Airplanes, Radio, Television, computers and the Internet.  These technology innovations had a major impact on how we live our lives.  Today the technologys that are changing the world are Smart Phones
Currently smart phones provide the individual with; instant internet, personal record keeping, health monitoring, weight loss, GPS driving maps and directions, Stock market and brokerage  reports, instant braking news, online banking with security, cloud storage, credit card services, Email. Weather Reports, camera, games, currency exchange, foreign language translator, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, lost phone & car tracking, Wechat and every day new applications are being developed.  Who wknows what tomorrrow will bring.

If you are trying to deterring if you should get a smart Phone, you will never understand all the benefits until you make the first step and get one.  Personally I like the Apple I phone which I think is the best.  It runs on an IOS operating system developed by Apple.  Samsung has a good phone that runs on Goggle's Android operating system

Recent reports show that 50% of the people only have a smart phone, 6 % of the people only have a land line phone, and 38% of the population has both a land line and a smart phone.

This web site is not selling any phones and is just trying to explain why you need a smart phone.  Many seniors like myself are hesitant to make the switch to smart phone because of cost.  If you are one of those people that only have a land line, switch to a smart phone and eliminate the cost of your smart phone.

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