Rush Park

The Rush Park Walk and Talk Group meets 5 days a week for a comfortable walk around the park.  We usually walk 1, 2 or 3 times around the park depending those walking.  Usually we divide up into small groups of 2 or three people that want to walk at different speeds.  Each lap around the park is about 1/3 of a mile.  The time we walk varies depending upon the day of the week as shown below.

Walk and Talk Schedule

Day Time Leader
Monday 10 AM Lary
Tuesday 10:30 AM Art
Wednesday 10 AM Frank
Thursday 10 AM Herb
Saturday 10 AM Rose Ann

Joining a walking group like the Walk and Talk Group provides a means where you are motivated to walk regularly and get your exercise.  You will meet new friends and get feedback about our wonderful community.  It become part of your social network where you are happy and enjoy walking with friends.   As a member you are not expected to be there every day.  With our busy schedules we realize that you will be there when you can.  And as a reminder, Each member of the group receives a text message about 30 minutes before each walk.

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