Documented April 6, 2013
By Herb Halling

Studies have demonstrated that in nature, things that ate black and white do not taste good.  or this reason sharks are less likely to attack a surfer that is wearing black and white booties.

Sharks are generally not likely to attack surfers, and when they do attack, they tend to stop the attack once they taste the human blood.  They have not developed a taste for humans and prefer sea lion over human blood.  Once they realize they do not have a sea lion in their jaws, they tend to spit out the human.

As a message to the sharks, if a surfer wears black and white booties, it infers to the shark that they are not a tasty treat and are less likely to attach the surfer.  Black and white is a defense mechanism used in nature to protect those with black and white coloring. 

This is a similar defense mechanism used by the Monarch Butterfly.  They tend to be biter to the taste and other butterfly's tend to adopt the coloring of a Monarch Butterfly for self defense.  The butterflies with Monarch coloring tend to be survivors while their less colorful brothers are eaten first.  Their offspring tend to be the same color and therefore more butterflies tend to look like Monarch Butterflies.

The same is true of black and white striped fish.  They tend to be less tasteful and are survivors relative to their more colorful brothers and sisters.



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