Documented April 6, 2013
By Herb Halling

This is a plan to develop walking trails around shipping centers.  Today obesity is a major problem and walking can have a major impact on reducing obesity.  For years seniors have been walking around malls during the hot summer days where it is air conditioned.  Likewise it can be a warm place to walk on cold winter months.  In temperate climates, a walking trail ban be marked to create foot traffic past business entrances.  In addition, those businesses with public restrooms can also add value to the walking paths.

In my wildest dreams, I would like to contact all shipping center management companies and present the idea of the "Halling Walk" for them to consider.  It would help them in marketing their vacancies and provide added value to those existing businesses from the added foot traffick past their doors.

The idea is to paint a dashed blue line on the ground directing walkers where to go to explore the walk and possible have signs explaining how long the walk is and some fitness facts like how many calories have been burnt.  In many shopping centers, it is possible to direct the walk through garden areas with park benches and info on local flora.

Kaiser Permante claims that if one reduces their caloric intake by 250 calories a day and burn 250 calories a day by walking a mile, they will lose 48 lbs a year.  To facilitate this they have created walking paths around some of their hospitals where patients and staff can walk on a daily basis to help burn calories.

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