By Herb Halling, April 19, 2014


Make a Surfboard Step 4 Version 3.jpg


Experiments have demonstrated that sharks turn away from magnetic fields and if a surfer is wearing magnets, the shark is not likely to  attack him.  However the weight of the magnets hinder the mobility of surfer.  The next solution is to imbed magnets in the body of the board.  This will increase the weight of the board and reduce the performance, however, the surfer will feel a degree of safety in a shark infested body of water.

3000 gauss Neodyminium magnets, nickel plated and about 7 MM in dia and 12 MM long with side by side polarity can be imbedded along the edges of the board in the center 1/3, thus keeping the weight off the ends and centered where the surfer sits.  As any shark approaches looking for a tasty treat, he will feel the magnetic field and sharply turn away.


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