Order your Rossmoor Holiday Lamppost here and decorate your front yard this Christmas.  Rossmoor resident Randy Leavenworth designed these lampposts and has been selling them to his local neighbors.  The demand has exploded and now we are offering them to all of Rossmoor as part of the Rossmoor Christmas Decorating Program.  There is a limited supply so order yours early.  When they are gone, you will have to wait until next year.

Some residents leave them up all year long and change the decorations to agree with the holiday.  In addition to the lighted Christmas garland, we have seen blue and white for Haunukkah, red for Valentines Day, and red white and blue for Independence Day.

The lantern on the post adds a nice attraction to you home all year long.  All you need to add is a green extension cord, (available at Lowes during Christmas) and a bulb, LED suggested, for the lantern.  The LED lighted garland has a separate power plug so it can be removed and the lamppost will work all year long.

The Rossmoor Holiday Lampposts cost $135 each and are available at 2622 Kempton Drive, corner of Martha Ann.

Sorry we have sold this years supply but we can make you one on special order
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Sales tax is 8%
Free delivery when ordered online

The lamppost includes the lantern, 30 ft of LED lighted Christmas garland, and a red bow.  The poinsettias are not included but are suggested to decorate the base of the lamppost.

We guarantee 100% satisfaction and will refund $135.00 if you are not happy and want to return the lamppost.

The lamppost has two garden stakes on the bottom to support the lamppost. We recommend you saturate the ground with water for a day prior to inserting the post into the ground.  This makes it easier to insert the garden stakes in the ground.

Decorating Ideas for Lampposts.  How would you decorate your lamppost?

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