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There are three classifications of oxygen; Medical, Industrial, and Recreational
  • Medical oxygen is generally above 95% concentration up to 100% and is regulated by the medical industry.  When breathing 100% oxygen you have no natural tendency to exhale your exhaust gasses because you are not breathing in any nitrogen to exhale and you can poison yourself.  For this reason doctors limit the oxygen flow rate to about 3 liters and the device is designed to mix with ambient air that is 88% nitrogen, 21% oxygen and 1% other gasses.
  • Industrial oxygen is used in making jewelry and other manufacturing processes.  When oxygen is mixed with a flame such as a Bunsen burner, the flame will burn hotter.  This oxygen is usually less than 95% concentration.  A common application is oxyacetylene welders where oxygen and acetylene are mixed together to weld metals and/or cut metals.
  • Recreational oxygen is anywhere between 21% and 95% and does not require a medical prescription.  Recreational oxygen is used by Oxygen Party Bars, beauty spas, and professional athletes.  Recreational oxygen also includes Sports Oxygen and Oxygen In A Can.  Recreational oxygen can be combined with an aroma to provide aroma therapy.  These aromas have sexy names like "Kiss Me All Over", or "Sex On the Beach", "Appletini", "Grove" (orange), "Pina Colada" and many more,  Or you can get just plain oxygen with no aroma.

Sports Oxygen is the new trend in fast energy.  There are no sugars, no caffeine, or as we like to say, no shakes, no gitters, and no crashing when the energy drink wears off.  Oxygen is fast replacing the popular energy drinks, but it has a long way to go to compete with the high marketing budgets for energy drinks

Sports Oxygen raises the oxygen level in your blood so you have the energy level of a 10 year old.  As we age, our metabolism slows and our oxygen levels decline; and our blood is not carrying the maximum amount of oxygen possible.  Lets say your blood is only carrying 94 percent oxygen.  You will have at least 6 percent less energy than if your blood oxygen level was 100 percent.   If you drop to 86 percent you may be on oxygen full time.  However most healthy people are 90 percent or higher.  With Sports Oxygen, you can increase the oxygen levels in your blood almost immediately so you increase your stamina and endurance.  If you are in competition, or just exercising, even walking, we recommend an oxygen session 15 to 45 minutes before you compete and you will last longer before hitting the wall and start gasping for air.  If you have the ability to get more oxygen during the event, you will recover very fast and restore your oxygen levels back up to 99 or 100 percent.  The elevated oxygen levels will stay elevated depending upon your activity for quite a while.  Some people with low activity levels have reported a benefit as much as 7 days later.  If you are running a marathon, you might only benefit from elevated oxygen levels for 30 minutes.

One year we took our oxygen party bar to a motocross race in Lake Elsinore.  A Mr. Snodgrass stopped by our booth after racing a 6 lap race and he was 100 percent exhausted and covered in sweat, he wanted oxygen so he would have the energy to ride his bike back to his camp.  After a 10 minute session he said he felt like a new man.  The next morning he came back with about 6 friends to get oxygen prior to racing.  They were not all racing in the same level of competition so they had different start times.  Snodgrass had taken 6th place on Saturday and on Sunday he was against tougher competition and took first place and hardly broke out is a sweat after the race.

His buddy lead his race for the first 4 laps than fell off his bike and down a 20 ft embankment.  It took him a while to climb back up the embankment and get back on his bike.  6 riders had passed him and he took off after them.  In this type of race you race like hell the first 3 laps than because of exhaustion, you just try to hang on for the rest of the 6 lap race.  Our oxygen enriched rider climbed back on his bike and passed all 6 motorcycles and finished first because he still had the energy to press his bike hard.

Another one of Snodgrass's friends had never raced before and took 1st place in his first race, thanks to the oxygen session.  The other 3 friends of Snodgrass all reported second and third places, better than expected and finishing the race with only mild exhaustion.

You have seen professional football players come off the field and grab an oxygen mask prior to re-entering the came.  They know oxygen gives them more stamina and endurance.

It is reported that Lance Armstrong, the Tour De France Champion, sleeps in a oxygen reduced environment (tent) of only about 10% oxygen.  Is is similar to training at high altitude then competing at sea level.  The low oxygen level forces your lungs to adjust to low levels of oxygen so you can live comfortably.  Then when Lance is racing up a long hill, his body absorbs oxygen faster than other riders and he has a big advantage over his competition.

Along these same lines, the US Olympic Center is located in Denver, the mile high center so athletes can have a place to train and expand their lung capacity prior to the Olympics.

If you are competing in any type of sport where you find your self gasping for air before the finish, Sports Oxygen is for you.  It is better for you than energy drinks and a lot healthier.  As we say, No shakes, No jitters, No Bull, and of coarse no calories.

Besides the benefits to athletes, oxygen can eliminate a hangover, headache, stress, fatigue, jet lag, and altitude sickness.  Oxygen is also noted to improve ones memory and concentration levels (short term). reduce drowsiness while driving, and oxygen has been recognized for flushing toxins and impurities out ones body preventing cancer from gaining a foothold.

The only situation where oxygen can be dangerous is if the person has COPD or Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease which is a lung disease characterized by chronic obstruction of lung airflow that interferes with normal breathing

Also, if you are pregnant, we recommend you get the advice of your doctor.  

Although we at length express the benefits of Sports Oxygen, it is NOT FOR MEDICAL USE and is not intended to treat, cure or prevent any diseases.  It should not be used if you have: asthma, lung or heart ailments without approval from your medical doctor.  Always consult your physician before taking any supplement products.  The statements and representations on this web site have not be evaluated or approved by the Food and Drub Administration (FDA)

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