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"Halling" - means a low place or meadow.

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Because of the Halling.com family web site, we are meeting many new Halling's from all parts of the world, so we created a Halling Registry.  If you are a Halling, you can list your E-mail address and family web site address if you have one published. Just send an E-mail with information to  

Please be aware that listing your e-mail address here will make it available to everyone that visits this page and we have no way of controlling who uses it.   If a problem develops, we will remove your e-mail address upon your request.  We also suggest you contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and request they employ anti-spam software on your e-mail account.  We do not use your address for any advertising or spam mail.

Registration in the Halling Registry is FREE

It is not a requirement to be listed here, however if you have a web page we would appreciate a reciprocal link to this page so other Halling's can find us more easily.

Registered Halling's

Ann-Sofie Halling of Stockholm, Sweden Ann-Sofie.Halling@jmw.se and www.Halling.nu 

Axel Halling of Germany, living in Pecs Hungary, hallingaxel@yahoo.de

Bill & Deborah Halling, Webster, N.Y. USA WHalling@rochester.rr.com

Brian & Elsa Halling, Kenilworth, Warwichshire, England, Brian@halling.org.uk and www.halling.org.uk

Brian & Minta Sue Halling, Pocatello Idaho, USA, Hallbria@isu.edu

Carl Halling, West London, UK, CarlHalling@Aol.com

Cees Halling, Baarn Holland, ceeshalling@zonnet.nl

Chris Halling of Los Angeles, California USA CWH@agapay.com & www.apapay.com 

Chris Halling of King's Lynn, Norfolk, England chrishalling@tiscali.co.uk

Christian Krogh Lusty Halling. Germany. chrilusty@live.dk

Clifford Winchcombe Halling of Gloucestershire UK, FWPDRLM@aol.com 

Cora Lee Halling Wayman of Layton UT, USA dcwayman@msn.com

Dan Halling of Harrisonburg, Virginia, U.S.A; hallindc@jmu.edu, & www.csd.jmu.edu/hallindc/ 

David Halling of Sydney, Australia, dhalling@bigpond.com 

Dee & Mariee Halling of Rockland, Idaho, USA: Deehalling@hotmail.com

Diana Lorraine Halling of Webster, NY, USA; Josie31049@aol.com 

Elin Anita Halling, of Oslo, Norway: elin_halling@hotmail.com 

Gerhard Halling, of Bruck an der Mur, Austria, hagebi@utanet.at 

Graham Halling of Sdelaide, SA, Auatralia, grahamhalling@hotmail.com

Grant Halling of Sydney, Australia, Grant40@ozemail.com.au 

Helge Halling of Hamburg, Germany. helge.deluxe@gmx.de

Herb Halling of Los Alamitos, California, USA  Herb@Halling.com & www.halling.com 

Inger Halling of Denmark, c/o Brian Mortensen, tinituses@hotmail.com

Ian Winchcomb Halling, Cheltenham, England, ianhalling@hotmail.com

James Halling of Middlewich, Chesire, England, jimybigshoe@hotmail.com

Jayne Halling of Cheltenham, England hallingjayne@hotmail.com

Jens Halling of Hellerup, Denmark, Hallingo@Hotmail.com

Jerker Halling of Gothenburgh, Sweden, jerkerhalling@hotmail.com

Jim & Beth Halling, of Dunn Loring, Virginia, USA, JRHalling@aol.com

Jonathan Halling of London England jonathanhalling@hotmail.com 

Karl Halling of Brigham City, UT

Karsten Halling of Denmark karstenhalling@yahoo.dk  & http://www.karstenhalling.dk

Laura M. Halling of Minnesota, USA:

Magnus Halling of Kumla, Sweden hallmange@hotmail.com

Maria Halling of Norrkoping, Sweden marha004@student.liu.se

Marianne Halling of Sweden Marianne.Halling@fhsk.skurup.se

Mark Halling of Manti, Utah, USA: nimbus05@hotmail.com

Mark Halling, Cheltenham, England, UK, readh4theground@aol.com

Michael Halling of London, England Michael.Halling@r-tmc.com & http://www.R-TMC.com

Miguel A. Halling, Kerry Halling and Allen Halling Miguel.Halling.ctr@osd.mil

Monica Halling of Uppsala, Sweden Monica.Halling@adm.slu.se

Mogens Halling, of Idestrup, Denmark mogens@halling.nu & www.halling.nu   

Natalie Louise Halling of Sydney, NSW, Australia, SugarBaby401@hotmail.com

Nigel Winchcomb Halling of Cheltenham, England, nigelwinchcome@aol.co.uk

Niklas Halling of Uppsala, Sweden Niklas.Halling@telia.com

Niklas Halling of Eskilstuna, Sweden  Halling@Home.se

Oystein Halling of Norway oehalling@c2i.net

Peter Halling of Onsala, Sweden Peter.Halling@telia.com

Phil Halling of Glouchestershire, UK, apollografics@tiscali.co.uk

Ray Halling of Port Orchard, Washington, USA  www.halling.com

Robert Eugene Halling, of Jetmore, Kansas, USA, lois@pld.com

Runar Halling, of Ramnes (Tensberg), Norway, runar.halling@abcinkasso.no

Samantha Halling of Dubbo NSW Australia, shalling@raywhite.cc

Sheri Anne Halling of Houston, TX, USA. SheriAHalling@aol.com

Stefan Halling of Kumla, Sweden stefan_halling@hotmail.com

Stefani Lynne Halling of Tampa, FL, USA. sk8erchikmonkey2008@yahoo.com

Tanya Halling of Lake Munmorah, NSW, Australia, finnemail@hotmail.com

Thomas Halling of Moss, Norway - Halling@Hotmail.com  

Thomas Halling of Copenhagen, Denmark - Thomas@Halling.dk & www.Halling.dk 

Thomas Halling of New York, USA - Tdoggy80@aol.com

Tore Halling of Skeppsgarden, Sweden - Tore.Halling@spray.se

Tim Halling of San Francisco, California USA, TMHalling@Hotmail.com, Tim.Halling@CHSugar.com 

Viggo Halling of Brondby Strand, Denmark, viggo.halling@privat.tdcadsl.dk

Wayne Raymond Halling of Sydney, NSW, Australia, wrh@speednet.com.au

Wilhelm Halling of Cologne, Germany, whalling@dimedis.de

Willy Halling of Edsbruk, Sweden, willy.halling@spray.se 

Wyman Halling of Ottawa Ontario, Canada, baronvonstyles@hotmail.com.

Send us a note in the bottle if you want to be added to this list.

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